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A word from the owner:

I have been a photography enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to shoot editorial features and develop my creative lighting skills so I worked long and hard to develop a style that would separate me from the pack. After considerable grafting and some serious study into the dark arts of lighting I started getting work with some of the larger corporate firms in Northern Ireland which led in turn to editorial features. To date my works have been in many publications including the following:

Ulster Business
Belfast Telegraph
Belfast News Letter
Windsurf Magazine
Business Eye

I love to work with people and my greatest skill is capturing the personality behind the pose.  Anyone can shoot a corporate head shot but for me, it’s all about establishing a connection with my subject.  It’s important that I get the best from you and in turn, you get the best results from our time spent together.

I specialise in creative commerical and editorial photography.  I work with some of the leading PR and advertising firms in Northern Ireland on a daily basis.  I have aspirations of teaching my lighting techniques in specific and detailed workshops geared towards those looking to push their compositional and lighting skills further.

If you would like to have a chat feel free to call and arrange an appointment or alternatively you can email me directly using the contact page.